Popular science

Spreading knowledge, creating curiosity around the world of research. Telling of discoveries in different areas and talking not only to the scientific community but also to schools and all other interest groups. These are the goals of popular science that the University sets out to achieve through its own contributions and with the cooperation of experts.
Published Academy of Sciences
The Institute of Bologna Academy of Sciences is one of the most famous scientific societies in Europe. Every year about 1500 academics take part in seminars organised by the Academy. The seminars are organised in close cooperation with the University of Bologna to satisfy the need for scientific updates.
Published Getting to know Chemistry
Getting to know the chemistry
In 1998 the "Getting to know Chemistry" Committee was established through the desire of a small group of people to convey their passion for Chemistry.
Published Scienza a Due Voci
Scienza a due voci makes available the first edition of the biographical dictionary of "Italian Women Scientists" to the general public.
Published Scienzagiovane
From the University of Bologna comes Scienzagiovane, a website rich in news, articles, studies and hypertexts to raise the awareness of young people on current scientific and technological affairs.