Integrated gripping system for three-dimensional mobile printing

The proposed technology consists of a mobile 3D printing robotic device, which is able to move on the element to be printing through an integrated gripping system.

Patent title Stampante tridimensionale, relativo procedimento per la realizzazione di un oggetto stampato ed oggetto così contenuto
Thematic area Mechanical, civil and environmental engineering
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Inventors Vittoria Laghi, Michele Palermo, Tomaso Trombetti
Protection Italy (with possibility to extend internationally)
Licensing status Available for development agreements, option, license and other exploitation agreements
Keywords 3D mobile printing, Integrated gripping system, Mobile robotic device
Filed on Oct 13, 2020

In the last decades, 3D printing systems that are capable of producing printed elements with several shapes, dimensions, used materials and applications are widespread. The firsts 3D printing models are fixed and generally used in a single fixed workstation. Later, the 3D printing station is mounted on robotic arms in order to allow printing larger components. However, the dimensions of the printing components are linked to the extension of the robotic arm and the mobile base.

The invention consists of a mobile 3D printing robotic device with an integrated gripping system which allows to move on the printed element. The procedure allows to simultaneously print the element and the gripping system that is part of the geometry of the section to be printed. The technology is intended for 3D printing of elements of any shape in terms of cross-section and thickness, and ideally infinite length. The technology can use any material suitable for 3D printing (polymers, cementitious material, metals).


- buildings;

- mechanical, aerospace and industrial components.


- flexible system;

- no constraints in terms of elements' dimension to be printed;

- suitable for any 3D printing materials;

- on-site 3D printing;

- application in any environment.

The technology was developed within the project: AUTO‐R3(d)ICOLARI: Verso l’ AUTO‐costruzione di gusci RetICOLARI spaziali mediante stampa 3D ”, Bando Alma Idea 2017.

Page published on: 03 November 2020