Wet filter for fine particulate

The invention relates to a wet filter, to be deployed both on industrial and domestic boilers, for the separation of fine particulates present in the gases deriving from the biomass combustion.

Title of the patent Wet filter for fine particulate
Thematic area Mechanical, civil and environmental engineering
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
Inventors Augusto Bianchini, Cesare Saccani
Protection International
Licensing status Available for development agreements, option, license and other exploitation agreements
Keywords Fine particulate, Biomass combustion, Domestic boilers, Industrial boilers, Emissions
Filed on Apr 11, 2018

Many Italian and European cities faces issues related to excessive particulate emission in the atmosphere, caused by the use of domestic boilers, which are characterized by low combustion yields and the high emission of particulates. The proposed invention comprise a wet filter consisting of a generator of droplets suitable for the separation of fine powders transported by a gaseous stream. Deployed on the output of the particulate-emitting device, such as a biomass boiler, it allows filtering the particulate contained in the exhaust gas, with extremely high efficiency.


Plants, including domestic boilers, requiring higher filtration ratio, without having to install an industrial filter.


  • low energy consumption;
  • possibility of tailoring;
  • high level of separation efficiency.