Hybrid Walkable Solar Tile

Hybrid solar walkable tile is a new hybrid solar tile concept in bi-resin

Title of the patent Hybrid solar walkable tile
Thematic area Electrical, electronic and information engineering
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
Inventors Giampietro Fabbri, Matteo Greppi, Paolo Proli
Protection International
Licensing status Available for licensing agreements
Keywords Twofold energy need, Multiseason walkability, Modularity, HWST, Hybrid solar
Filed on Oct 10, 2016

A new concept of bi-resin hybrid solar tile (HWST) is specifically designed to be used in environments where constraints related to the available surface are numerous, while the energy needs are twofold (thermal and electrical). It is comprised of special systems for detaching hybrid tile after laying. Moreover, two of the four walls within which the tile is to be laid are removable in order to guarantee perfect modularity during production. The HWST neither require any addionali skills for laying in comparison to conventional tiles.



  • maximizes energy production 
  • eliminates all the functional and technical constraints 
  • facilitates laying, cleaning and maintenance of the tiles
  • when laid on the ground, allows handy transformation  of existing flooring


  • boating
  • campervans
  • industrial floors
  • terraces and plain roofs

Il gruppo di ricerca Fabbri-Greppi-Proli è stato selezionato a presentare la tecnologia brevettata in occasione dello Start Up Ecosystem Day che si è svolto il 20 Ottobre 2017 presso la Bologna Business School.

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Greppi, Matteo; Fabbri, Giampietro, Experimental characterization of a hybrid industrial solar tile, «ENERGY PROCEDIA», 2017, 126C, pp. 621 - 627 [articolo]