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3.4 billion-year-old fossils of microorganisms discovered


The findings, uncovered in South Africa, are the earliest known example of bacteria involved in the methane cycle: this discovery expands the frontiers of habitats that may have hosted the first forms of life on our planet, and could also prove useful in finding traces of life on other planets, starting with Mars.

Published on 23 July 2021


Summer suspension

Summer suspension of Campus activities - from 9 to 20 August

estate 2021

The activities of the Administrative, Didactic, Library and Research Structures of the Ravenna Campus Area are suspended from 9 to 20 August

Published on 14 July 2021


Open Science

Open Science and research facilities: Unibo joins ICDI

Open Science

Besides participating in the national forum on behalf of the Italian Computing and Data Infrastructure, the University of Bologna also applied to be part of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud).

Published on 08 July 2021