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The earliest evidence of Italians' extraordinary genetic diversity dates back to the end of the last glacial period

genetic diversity

A group of scientists manages to go back in time in retracing Italians' genetic history.

Published on 22 May 2020


Research group

The Unibo test for colon-rectal cancer prevention: efficient and non-invasive

cancer prevention

A research group of the University of Bologna developed a diagnostic test that simply involves a one-millimetre blood sample a new study shows that this test is highly sensitive and highly capable of distinguishing healthy from at-risk patients.

Published on 21 May 2020



Artificial Intelligence identifies our mood by "observing" the places we're in

Artificial Intelligence

A group of British and Italian researchers developed a system that analyses pictures taken via smartphone and identifies objects that are connected to the mood of the user.

Published on 21 May 2020


Research study

The oldest "European" Homo sapiens: findings from 45,000 years ago found in Bulgaria

homo sapiens

This is the oldest direct evidence of our species in Europe. A team led by Sarah Talamo (professor at the University of Bologna) carried out the dating of the findings thanks to a high-precision radiocarbon analysis.

Published on 12 May 2020


Research funding

Competitive research funding: Unibo first university in Italy

Research funding

24 mln euro and 54 research projects in 2019. Since the start of Horizon 2020, the University of Bologna managed to attract more than 100 mln euro of funding with more than 270 funded projects.

Published on 05 May 2020