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Doctoral degree

Catia Bastioli to receive honorary doctoral degree from the University of Bologna

The University of Bologna awards the honorary degree in Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering to Italian entrepreneur, distinguished scientist and chemist, Catia Bastioli, CEO of Novamont SpA and Chairwoman of Terna SpA.

Published on 22 May 2019



Bologna will host the Cherenkov Telescope Array headquarters

It will be the largest and most sensitive gamma ray observatory in the world, with a network of 118 telescopes to study the high-energy Universe.

Published on 10 May 2019



Celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Bologna declaration

24 Jun
25 Jun

Take part in the event "The Bologna Process goes Global: fundamental values of the EHEA beyond 2020". The call for abstracts is now open.

Published on 11 October 2018