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A university in the shape of a Palace. Two walks to discover Palazzo Poggi

1 Nov
6 Dec

A new series of guided tours organised by UniboCultura Eventi will take place from 1 November to 6 December.

Published on 21 October 2020



Extracurricular internships at Consob

Take part in the selection for the 32 extracurricular internships at the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) in Rome and Milan. Deadline: 3 November.

Published on 08 October 2020


Scientific research

Is it one or two species? The case of the cluster anemones


Their scientific name is "Parazoanthus axinellae" and they are among the most fascinating corals of the Mediterranean Sea.

Published on 29 September 2020



Meraviglie blu: the new frontiers of research and exploration for the planet

What secrets hide in the oceans? With Alma Mater researchers and National Geographic explorers we will discover how to protect the marine environment restoring the balance between Humans and Nature.

Published on 22 September 2020


Professional Master

Call for applications of Professional Master's Programme


Apply for a Professional Master's Programmes. Read the information and call for applications of the programmes currently available. The list is constantly updated.