What are international degree programmes

The international programmes running at the University of Bologna.

The international course catalogue at the University of Bologna features:

  1. Degree programmes delivered entirely in a foreign language, leading to a qualification issued by the University of Bologna;
  2. Degree programmes delivered in Italian or a foreign language, leading to a double, joint or multiple qualification.

Degree programmes run together with other European universities with integrated curricula, mobility schemes and the mutual recognition of learning activities.
The issue of double or multiple qualifications implies that, at the end of the programme, students obtain not only a degree from their home university but also the academic qualifications from the other participating universities where they have obtained learning credits. The issue of a joint qualification on the other hand means obtaining a single qualification recognised and validated by all the institutions running the joint programme.

The programmes issuing double, multiple and joint qualifications run at the University of Bologna include some initiatives selected as Erasmus Mundus programmes by the European Union. These programmes are renowned for the high quality of the studies and the specific “European added value".
Students may obtain study grants to attend the joint programme.

All International degree programmes
International programmes delivered in English and Erasmus Mundus programmes