Summer and Winter Schools organised by partner Universities

Summer and winter schools run by foreign universities, partners of our university in international networks. These courses offer interesting opportunities for studying abroad. Students of the University of Bologna, who wish to apply for one of the courses, must address directly to the partner University organizing the summer or winter school.
Published Prague Summer School of Journalism “Cross-Platform Foreign Correspondence"
The summer school will take place from the 1st September to the 15nd September 2018 at the Charles University, Prague.
Published International Summer School at the University of Trier
The International Summer School will take place from the August 6 to August 31, 2018. Broaden und improve your knowledge of the german language in our Summer School at an International University in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe!
Published Helsinki Summer School
The Helsinki summer school will take place from the 7th August to the 23th, 2018.
Published TU Berlin Summer University
The TU Berlin Summer University is a high-quality academic summer program for international students interested in studying in Berlin, Germany. The TU Berlin Summer University 2018 opens its doors on June 11th and ends on August 16th.
Published Oxford University Summer Schools
The Oxford University offer a range of summer schools that may interest students. All of schools are taught by the distinguished professors affiliated with Oxford University, and hosted by its historic and world-famous colleges. Each programme is designed to rigorous and fully immersive for the duration. Students will be expected to conduct preparatory reading, produce written work and contribute during interactive sessions such as seminars and workshops.
Published French Summer Course 2018 at the University of Geneva
Published Waladu Summer School
WALADU is a three year (2017-2019) international project funded by the European Union in the frame of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Key Action 2.
Published NKU Summer School Program
The NKU Summer School Program is a combination of credits courses, Chinese language traning, cultural studies and field trip from July 2nd to July 29th.
Published Combine study & pleasure at Antwerp Summer University!
Apply now for one of the 17 summer schools organised at University of Antwerp (Belgium)!
Published International Summer University programmes
Gain an international academic experience from one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the Baltic States.
Published Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads"
The summer school will take place at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) from the 8 to 22 September.