International course catalogue

The international programmes running at the University of Bologna.
International degree programmes
The University of Bologna course catalogue includes study programmes offering international and Italian students a series of incoming services, tutoring and counselling for fostering integration among students from other parts of the world and aiming at producing professionals open to international contexts.
Professional Master's Degree programmes
List of International University Master's Programmes run by the University of Bologna.
Erasmus Mundus PhD programmes
Joint PhD programmes (EMJD - Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate; Action 1B) are part of the Erasmus Mundus Programme 2009 – 2013, promoting European higher education, improving the career prospects of PhD students and fostering cooperation with other countries.
Summer and Winter Schools at the University of Bologna
The Summer and Winter Schools are intensive programmes offering a wide variety of subjects, designed to meet the new needs for cultural and interdisciplinary learning.