Exchange students @unibo: residence permit and declaration of presence

Rules for the stay in Italy of students of non-EU citizenship.

If  you are a non-EU citizen and your mobility period lasts for more than 90 days you must apply for a residence permit. You must make your application within 8 working days following your arrival in Italy.

If you are a non-EU student, but you hold a residence permit issued by a European Union country (Schengen Area) that allows for the exemption from the entry visa and covers the entire mobility period, you do not have to apply for the Residence Permit but you must make the declaration of presence.

Having collected your residence permit or made the declaration of presence, you must send a photocopy of it to the Exchange Student Desk or the International Relations Office of your Campus. If you do not provide a photocopy of your residence permit, after 180 days your university career is blocked and you are not allowed to sit any exams.

Important: if you stay in Italy for more than 90 days and you do not apply for the residence permit or make the declaration of presence, you are not entitled to sit exams at the University of Bologna and you cannot obtain a Transcript of Records.