Exchange students @unibo: Erasmus+ for Traineeship (Mobility for Traineeships)

Specific rules for exchange students of the Erasmus + for Traineeship (Mobility for Traineeship) programme.

Students spending a mobility period at the University of Bologna to carry out an internship within the Erasmus+ for Traineeship programme, need to be accepted by a professor who will tutor their activities. They are hosted in Departments.

The document required to start the mobility programme is the Learning Agreement for Traineeship (LAT).

The LAT is the work plan agreed upon by you, your university and the tutoring professor at University of Bologna, who invited you and will tutor you activity. In order to carry out the traineeship you shall:

  • ask the form to your home university and fill it;

  • get it signed by your university and the tutoring professor at the University of Bologna;

  • send the LAT to the Exchange Student Desk () or the International relations Office at your Campus;

  • upon receipt of the Acceptance message, complete your online registration;

  • on arrival, Check-in at the Exchange Students Desk or the International Relations Office at your Campus.

As an exchange student for Traineeships you are not allowed to sit exams and gain credits. On Check-out you only get your Certificate of Attendance. Your internship is certified by the professor tutoring your activities by filling in the appropriate sections of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LAT).