Getting started

Further steps after the check-in: check the course unit catalogue and the course schedule, contact your exchange coordinator for the signature of the Learning Agreement, fill in the online study plan and access other online services.

After the Check-in, you must contact your exchange coordinator to check your study plan and to sign the Learning Agreement, if it has not been signed prior to your arrival.

For questions on calendars, course timetable, exams, exam sessions and the organisation of teaching activities in general, contact the International Relations Offices.

The university buildings are located all over the city of Bologna and in some municipalities nearby.

In the Welcome Kit you find a map of the city indicating the various teaching buildings.

Find out the available course units.
Check the calendar of the guidance sessions organised by Departments and Campuses.
When you have chosen all the courses you wish to attend at the University of Bologna, according to the approved Learning Agreement, and checked the schedules and times of the lessons, you must complete your online study plan. This and other operations can be done on: AlmaRM – Accesso studentiThis is the personal homepage for exchange students. You can change your password, check your personal data and exchange data, manage your contact details and print the acceptance message.

The online study plan is compulsory for all exchange students and it is required to sit the exams. The service is available from your personal homepage on AlmaRM (“Fill in your study plan” button), only after your Check-in.

The Welcome Kit you receive on Check-in includes detailed instructions.

From your personal Homepage you can also access AlmaEsami (“Register for an exam” button).

Username, password and online services

In the “Confirmation of registration” message you receive your username and password (university credentials) needed to access the online services of the University of Bologna.

You must first log in via AlmaRM – Accesso studentiThe system will ask you to change your password. Pay attention when entering your password (PIN/PUK) as this comprises numbers and upper and lower case letters and it is very easy to make a mistake.

For further information

If you forget your password you can reset it to its default value (PUK) .The required code (“Cod. Fisc. Personale”) is indicated in the Confirmation of registration message and is printed on your badge.
For further help please, send an e-mail to

From AlmaRM you can directly access the

  • Study plan (Fill in your study plan)
  • AlmaEsami (Register for an exam)
  • Studenti Online: is a space reserved for students enrolled in degree programmes at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, which allows them to conveniently carry out online procedures, from registration to graduation. Some services are available for exchange students as well. You find among them “TPER Public transport pass application” which allows you to buy the public transport pass (TPER), only for the Bologna area, at a subsidised price.