Exams and internships

Find out all the instructions on how teaching activities are carried out, how to take exams and how to take part in curricular internships.

Course contents, text books and teaching materials

In the course unit catalogue you can find a syllabus (learning outcomes, course contents, teaching and assessment methods and tools, language of instruction) and the list of books and texts for study (bibliography/ readings), for each course unit.

Before purchasing text books, wait for the start of lessons and follow the instructions given by the professors. You may purchase teaching materials in the bookshop or borrow them from the library. To search for books and materials please visit the Library Portal.

To consult and download teaching material prepared by the professors, you can use the service Insegnamenti online - Supporto online alla didattica.


The procedures for conducting the exams are published in each course unit page (assessment method).

At the end of the exam, the professor informs you verbally of your grade or, in the case of written exams, publishes the grades in Almaesami. You can accept the grade or refuse it. In the latter case, you can sit the exam again during another available exam session. Once you have accepted the grade, the professor records it in AlmaEsami. Subsequently, when you access your career details in your personal homepage in AlmaRM you may read “verbalizzato” (“recorded”) and the grade/evaluation next to the exam. Check your career details regularly and, if any exams have not been recorded, contact the professor.

Some course units are known as “integrated courses”, and have 2 or more components.

As an exchange student, you may sit both the exam for a single component (obtaining only the credits for that component) or the whole integrated course.

Important: all exams must be taken during the period agreed upon for your exchange programme.


During your exchange period, you can also carry out a curricular internship. The curricular internship offers you the chance to have work experience to complete your university training and obtain the credits laid down in your study plan.

The curricular internship offers you the chance to have work experience to complete your university training and obtain the credits laid down in your study plan. It is possible to carry out an internship outside the university (businesses, public institutions, professional firms, etc.) or in the university (laboratories, research centres, administrative departments, etc.), both in Italy and abroad.

If you want to carry out an internship you have to check in advance if it is possible: find the degree programmes of the subject areas you are interested in, read the information on the relevant web sites (studying > curricular internship) and contact the indicated offices. For some degree programmes the information may be available only in Italian.

To consult the list of institutions holding agreements with the university for internships and book them directly online, access the Online Student Internship Service using your username and password.

These activities must also be included in your Learning Agreement and in your Study Plan and are recorded in AlmaEsami. In some cases, the hosting institutions issue a further certification which details the internship (number of hours, subject, etc.).

For information about internship within the Erasmus + for Traineeship programme, see the section Other mobility programmes.

Registering for exams

Before sitting an exam you must enter it in your online study plan. The uploaded exams are immediately visible on AlmaEsami.

You can access AlmaEsami directly from your personal homepage on AlmaRM (“Register for an exam” button).

In AlmaEsami:

  • you can consult the dates of the exam sessions. When the professors publish the sessions, alongside each exam the “Prenota” (book) button is enabled;
  • you can register for the exam sessions. Once you have seen the exam session dates, you can register for the exam sessions according to the schedule set by the professors;
  • the professors record the exam results.

Check your career details in your personal hompage in AlmaRM, to monitor your exam recordings.