At the end of the exchange period

What to do to finish your mobility period at the University of Bologna.


Before leaving, after sitting the exams planned, you must go to the Exchange Students Desk or to the International Relations Office at your Campus and Check-out. 

You must Check-out in person. You cannot send a friend to do it for you! On Check-out you register your departure and check, together with the staff, if all the exams and internships are recorded. If all exams and internships have been recorded correctly, the digital Transcript of Records is sent immediately to your home university by e-mail.

In case any grades are missing, the staff of the Exchange Students Desk or of the International Relations Office at your Campus takes care of completing the recordings and of sending the Transcript of Records to your home university later; therefore, you must Check-out even if not all the grades have been recorded yet.

When the Transcript of Records is ready, you can also download it directly from your personal homepage on AlmaRM. To avoid any delays, check regularly through AlmaRM that the exams you have sat have been recorded and, if any grades are missing, contact the professors before leaving.

Important: do not forget to return the books borrowed from the libraries, before checking-out otherwise you will not be issued the Transcript of Records.

When you leave you receive the Certificate of Departure, confirming the start and end dates of your exchange period, which you shall give to your university. If you have specific forms from your home university to confirm your exchange period duration, bring them with you to get them filled in.

Important: the end date of your exchange period corresponds to the Check-out date!

Find out promptly about any rules that your university or the institute funding your mobility applies to calculate the amount of your scholarship and bear this in mind for the Check-out date.

The Check-out, formally closes your exchange period and you cannot sit any more exams or participate in other teaching activities.

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is issued at the end of your exchange period both in Italian and in English. It contains your personal data, your arrival and departure dates, the list of exams and internships you have done, with the date of the exam, the credits (CFU and ECTS) and the grades obtained.

The grades are expressed in the Italian scale out of thirty and are converted into the ECTS scale. Please remember that the “Idoneo”/”Pass” can never be transformed into a numerical grade.

The Transcript also contains an explanation of the Italian grading system and provides the “ECTS grading tables”.

These tables allow the universities of the European Higher Education Area, which have adopted the ECTS system, to convert Italian grades into local grades.

The ECTS scale and relative tables cannot be used to convert grades by non-European universities which have not adopted the ECTS system.

The Transcript is issued in digital format, provided with digital signature and stamp, in compliance with EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in European Single Market (eIDAS) and, according to Italian law, has the same legal value as the traditional paper Transcript.