Italian Orienting Test

And your Italian? Do you speak it well enough to attend the university and live in Italy? To find out, follow this test; you can do it as many times as you like.

It's very simple: Do not use any kind of language support (dictionary, search engine, glossaries etc.) and do the test.

At the end you can see if you possess at least the basic skills for surviving the first few days in an Italian city: you will receive feedback on your performance, and some useful advice on how to study the Italian language.

Remember: this is just a test to help you to see if you possess the basic skills, it does not check your effective level nor will it be used to decide which course you should attend at the University Language Centre. You can find out your exact level of Italian when you sit the entrance exam in order to enrol in an Italian language course run by the University Language Centre.

Also remember that, if you are not an EU citizen, to enrol in a degree programme you must sit the Italian language test.

This orienting test does not count as an exemption.

Do the test.