The Learning Agreement

Before leaving for an Erasmus programme, you should agree your study plan with the professor in charge of the exchange programme; this will be included in your Learning Agreement. Once you get to the University you must check that the choices you have made are correct.

The Learning Agreement is a document containing the study programme the student intends to follow abroad, i.e. a list of course units the student will follow at the host university and the corresponding exams at his/her own university. The document must be assessed and signed by the professors in charge of the exchange programme at the respective home and host universities, to confirm that the student's choices correspond to his/her chosen university career.

The Learning Agreement is usually signed before arrival in Italy. Otherwise, it must be presented to the Italian exchange coordinator as soon as possible for approval and signature. If additional signatures are required from the International Relations office, make sure that your coordinator signs it first.

Consult the course units running at the University of Bologna on the website.
The updated list of courses for the following academic year is available from July; prior to this date, students may refer to the list of courses from the previous year, which may however be subject to modification.

Remember that most teaching activities are delivered in Italian, but some learning activities are also delivered in English (the on-line course catalogue indicates the teaching language of each course unit).

The teaching calendar depends on the school you plan to study at; lessons generally begin between September and October and end in May, while exam sessions are held in January, February and March for the first semester and in June and July for the second semester.
On the Degree Programme websites you will find information on the teaching calendar and lesson timetables.