OMNI - BE Aware Student

OMNI - BE Aware Student




Unibo structure involved: Department of Management - DiSA

Scientific manager: Matteo Vignoli
Unibo Team: Clio Dosi, Giovanni Baisi, Roberta Lozzi, Valentina Iadarola, Michael Oggionni

Project Web page:
Erasmus+ Action type: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnerships for higher education

Project reference: 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082198

Start Date: 01 November 2020 
End Date: 28 February 2023

Total: € 306,577
UNIBO: € 72,700

Coordinator: Wyzsza Szkola Informatyki I Zarzadzania Z Siedziba W Rzeszowie (PL);


  • Universidad de Sevilla (ES)
  • Militos Symvouleutiki A.E. (EL)
  • Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (IT)
  • Instituto Politécnico De Portalegre (PT)


The aim of the project is to improve the universities’ educational offer by developing, testing and deploying an innovative course entitled "I’m a Startup - I, Student & Entrepreneur" that enables to develop students’ key competencies (universal skills) with the use of Design Thinking approach as well as business model thinking mindset (thinking in terms of the business model of enterprises and personal business models). The course will also support students in educational and career paths planning. Project products will improve teaching processes by adapting study programs to current labor market requirements and implementing a study program design approach based on career and reference job canvas (by February 2023).
As part of the project, a unified approach to planning university teaching processes and personalization of the learning path will be developed and implemented at Partner universities by providing project’s products to students, university staff members - lecturers, university management staff, and career offices.
Thanks to the development and implementation of the new course, the training programs currently offered by partner universities will be extended with a new content and appropriately selected and tested methods/techniques used to develop students' competences, with particular emphasis on key competences, which are often neglected in favor of specialist skills. Realization of the goal will also introduce real changes at the university level (forms of classes, teaching methods) adapting the content of education to the requirements of the labor market thanks to the application based on career canvas. Such activities will significantly improve the quality of education at the level of a every single student (new competences, tools supporting the development of a professional career, awareness raising).
20 students (from 4 universities x 5 people) will participate in each edition of the International Summer School run by partner universities. In addition, 25 teaching staff members will participate in the OMNI-BEAST International Academy. Approximately 150 people will participate in the planned meetings for the project results dissemination.
The most important project results:

  • Program & content of the course "I’m a Startup - I, Student & Entrepreneur"
  • Job position / occupation Canvanizing Body of Knowledge
  • Canvas catalog for new majors and related professions along with the GoldenReads catalog
  • Catalog of key skills with guides for their development
  • Podcast library with specialists in newly developed canvas
  • Curriculum of workshop for academic staff members - OMNI-BEAST Academy

The project results will be available in English (some of the materials will be available in the national languages of the partners) and as Open Educational Resources, which will extend the range of the project's impact and the use of its results.
As a result of the project, a new course "I am a startup - I, Student & Entrepreneur" will be included in the educational offer of the universities, which will be the basis for its further development. Guides for developing key skills will be used to plan classes for subjects, taking into account the learning outcomes focused on the key skills. Other domestic and foreign universities outside the consortium will also be able to benefit from the results of the project achieved.
The project will also create the stable foundations for international cooperation and exchange of experience/knowledge between universities from Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as institutions from Greece.