EUCYCLE - The EU LEARNING CYCLE: teachers, students… citizens! teachers, students… citizens!

Scientific Coordinator: Giuliana Laschi

Unibo structure involved: Department of Political and Social Sciences
Unibo Team: 
Francesca Fauri, Giulio Ecchia, Marco Balboni, Marco
Borraccetti, Sonia Lucarelli, Paolo Zurla, Mauro Maggiorani


Project Duration in months: 24
Start Date: 01/09/2017
End Date: 31/08/2019

Budget: 60.000,00 euro

The main aim of the project is the improving of school teachers’ ability of explaining EU at school, involving their students and then empower (directly and indirectly) their sense of belonging to EU Citizenship.
As a development of the previous projects the training phase will be organized into a two days Seminar training course (in Italian language and English) addressed to 150 teachers selected to national scale.
The Seminar will take place three times, one in Bertinoro, one in Bologna and one in Reggio Emilia with the collaboration with local Europe Direct Centres. The organization of the Seminar courses (Residential) will permit the respect of equal opportunity. Furthermore the teachers non selected for the Seminar phase could watch all the videos (uploaded in the platform edited by ED Forlì) going hand in hand with the attending teachers. Then a workshop open to all the participants to the courses will test the improvement of the teaching EU issues at school and it will be the moment to exchange good practices and ideas.

The training will continue “at home” through a 4 Months e-learning virtual class. This training course will be open to all the teachers who send their application to the Seminars phase and to the teachers attending the previous projects (almost 1000). 
In meanwhile the European issues will enter into school also through meetings organised on EU subjects. Getting young people, as future active citizens, well aware on the EU, is of crucial importance and the role of education system is central in promoting their sense of European citizenship and belonging.

An important moment of the project will be the celebration of the Europe Day, with the organisation of activities for school students.
During Final Conference teachers involved in this project will present their experience and the conference will be a moment of exchanging good practices, open also to citizens.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union