China Association College

The China Association College, founded in October 2005, draws its inspiration from the tradition of the University Colleges that have hosted the foreign students studying at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna ever since its foundation in 1088.

The China Association College has 14 founding partners who represent the most important administrative, cultural, economic, entrepreneurial and social institutions of theEmilia-RomagnaRegion.

The China Association College has a number of aims:

1. Orientation and Welcoming of Chinese students

The chief aim is to inform and orient the Chinese students who choose to study at the University ofBolognaby means of the presence of a native-speaking Chinese tutor and gives also the chance to rent lodgings at the China College Residence (a new University College with 50 beds) and in private lodgings.

2. Scholarships and relations with the institutions and the businesses

The China Association College makes some scholarships available each year for the most deserving Chinese students, and together with its associates, organises periods of training at institutions or companies in our Region.

3. Organisation of services to the institutions and the businesses

The Association China College, through the initiatives of its own associates, will set up  some activities to foster the promotion of economic relations and industrial collaboration between Italy and China. Specific programmes will be started up, addressed to managers, entrepreneurs and Chinese and Italian professionals, which will take the shape of training courses, theme-based in-depth seminars, placements and traineeships addressed to supporting and enhancing the relations between the Italian and the Chinese business communities.

4. Post-Graduate Courses

The China Association College participates in the drafting and setting up of post-graduate training courses addressed to both European and Chinese students. These courses can also be devised and set up together with the Chinese Universities with which the University of Bologna has underwritten exchange programmes.

5. Cultural pathways to integration

The China Association College, together with the University of Bologna, organises various events in order to allow the Chinese students to get to know the characteristics of the social, economic and cultural context of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

6. Research

The China Association College tries to foster the development of research in the various disciplinary sectors between Italian and Chinese researchers.

7. Cultural initiatives

The China Association College, besides fostering the exchanges among students and researchers, promotes initiatives along with the cultural institutions (e.g. seminars, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, events) in order to publicise the Chinese cultural reality in Italy and the Italian cultural reality in China.

In China the China College Association is located at the Services Centre of Shanghai:
181, Taicang Road,
Xintiandi, House 9 - Unit 1,
200021 Shanghai, P.R. of China
Tel: 0086-21-33070050, 33070391
Fax: 0086-21-33075997