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Some useful tips when organizing your search for on-line resources in your particular field of interest.

The Florence national central library

The website of one of Italy’s most illustrious libraries which officially collects and preserves everything published in Italy. Since 1958 it has been compiling the National Italian Bibliography (BNI) and has been a pioneer in setting up the National Library Service (SBN) which seeks to automate library services and build up a national index of book collections in Italy’s libraries.

Bibliothéque nationale de France
Website of the French National Library: ever since 1793 a copy of everything published in France has had to be deposited here, making it the country’s most authoritative source for humanistic and scientific research.

The British Library
This is the main British library which grew out of Henry VII’s royal book collection and then received donations from many a noble family. It is one of the world’s top libraries and is dedicated to conservation and research.

The Library of Congress
This library started out in 1800 as a legislative collection for use by the United States Congress, from which it developed into the largest library in the world. Its purpose is to document American history and to acquire, organize, preserve and make available works of human knowledge.

SBN Libraries
Note in particular the page of the Central Institute for the Single Catalogue (ICCU), a registry of Italian libraries, divided by regional group and belonging to the national library service.

The Cilea Digital Library
The Cilea Digital Library is a digital library set up by the Lombard Inter-University Consortium for automation. It offers some useful services for bibliographical research, such as e-publishing, on-line catalogues and search engines, links to libraries, databanks and more besides.

The Biomedical Central Library
The Biomedical Central Library has put together a valuable website full of databank details serving biomedical research. Students of Pharmacy are recommended to use this website.