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Guide to bibliographical research

Suggestions and the tools of bibliographical research.

The library is an excellent starting point when hunting for information and greater detail about your study subjects. One of its tasks is to provide bibliographical material for study and research.

  • When preparing for an exam, use the catalogue to find textbooks in the library. If you’ve not used the catalogue before, you may have a look at the Rapid guide to the catalogue (Guida rapida al catalogo).
  • If a teacher asks you to write a mini-thesis, you can look for books on the subject in the catalogue or articles in the many bibliograhical databanks to which the University subscribes. 


You may also read whole books online. You will find a list of the collections available to Bologna University on the Libri elettronici (e-books) page of the Library Portal.

E-books can also be hunted up from the Catalogue of the Polo Bolognese. It pays to enter keywords in the "ricerca libera" field. E-books can be recognised by the phrase [electronic resource] beside the title and the word "eBook" in the "Type"column.

It may also be useful to search on Google Books, which has whole texts including many in Italian. Please remember that not all publishers have entered an agreement with Google to let their books be viewed. Partial access only is allowed on material subject to copyright.

If you have never used an e-book, you might read: Ebook. Cosa sono come si usano dove si trovano by Luisa Cappelli and Kit di sopravivvenza del lettore digitale to give you a first idea.

The library staff will gladly help you with your research. You may ask them when you are at the library, or fix an appointment by e-mail to: .


Here is a brief guide to research, divided by study area: