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6 tips to get it, 1000 reasons to love it!
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Find out about the city history, services to the townspeople, what’s on, and what Rimini has to offer you. The Rimini beauty is a mix of entertainment, history, relaxation, leisure, food, wine and stunning hinterland.
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Are you arriving, leaving or staying? Getting to and getting about Rimini by bike, bus, train and flight.
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All the information you may need in case of emergency, checking pharmacies addresses and times of opening, booking tests and appointments with doctors.
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Visit the archeological excavations of the Surgeon's house and the Roman Amphitheatre, walk on Tiberious bridge and below Augusto arch, admire the Malatesta temple and Sismondo castle.
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You are living in a foreign city. It's not time to stay at home: cinemas and theatres in and around Rimini
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Keep you updated with what is happening in the city so you can have things to talk about with your italian friends.
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Rimini d'autunno
Beloved, Hated, Glorified, Blamed, Left, Rediscovered, Happy, Melancholic.Rimini. 1000 emotions among which to pick yours.