Rimini Campus

ICT labs

Where they are and which software you can find in there.

Warning and Tips


  • Every data you save on this computer will be lost once you disconnect. In order to permanently save your data,you must save them on your documents folder (i.e. “My documents”). Such a folder is quoted to 100 Mb.Exceeding your quota will prevent you to correctly use software and resources on every Computer. You are recommended to periodically delete (or store elsewhere) your files.
  • MS Windows OS supports changes of Interface Language (English, Chinese, Italian) from the "start" Menu (the first three pinned applications). Some programs will be showing messages in a different language, due to technical issues.

Laboratories and PC rooms


  • Green Lab - Via Angherà, 22/First floor
    Number of student's workstations: 31. Seating for 32
    Software available

  • Red Lab - Via Angherà, 22/First floor
    Number of student's workstations: 40. Seating for 41
    Software available

  • Blue Lab - Via Angherà, 22/First floor
    Number of student's workstations: 30. Seating for 31
    Software available

  • Black Lab -  P.tta Teatini, 13/Ground floor
    Opening times
    Number of student's workstations: 14. Seating for 15
    Software available

  • White Lab - P.tta Teatini, 10/First floor
    Number of student's workstations: 16. Seating for 17
    Software available
  • Campus Central Library - Via Vittime Civili di Guerra, 5
    Open: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
    Number of workstations:  20 PCs for the Internet and consulting databanks to which the University subscribes. 2 PCs are suitable for watching DVDs and there is a scanner for digitalizing documents (within the bounds of copyright legislation).  
  • Tonti Study Room - Via Tonti, 21
    Open: Mon-Fri. 14.00/22.00
    Number of workstations: 12 
    Software available: Microsoft Office, Mozilla firefox, Acrobat reader