Rimini Campus

Fashion laboratories

All the laboratories appointed by fashion courses
  • Photographic Laboratory
    Director: Federica Muzzarelli in liaison with Mattia Candiotti
    Room: photographic laboratory, Valgimigli premises, Via Vicolo Santa Chiara n. 40
    Tools: Mac, photographic set, cameras, colour printers, A3 scanner.
    For more details: federica.muzzarelli@unibo.it
  • Social history laboratory "Memories of daily life" - Imago
     Paolo Sorcinelli
    Room: laboratory in P.zza Tre Martiri, n. 3 – Stair B- 1st floor
    Tools: PC, television connected to the PC for projection of interviews collected by the Laboratory and for surfing the Internet, video-cameras for recording interviews, photocopiers for historical documentation (pages from the press, diaries, etc.), a portable scanner to scan archive documents, Laboratory-related informative matter (books, DVDs, CDs, handouts, etc.).
    For more details: