Ravenna Campus

Training and vocational guidance internships

The Training and Vocational Guidance Internship (see art. 18 of Law 196/97 and Art. 11 of Leg. Dec. 138/2011 converted into Law by act n. 148/2011) is an option for graduates up to 12 months after graduation. It provides hands-on working experience (whilst not constituting a work relationship, any more than does a curriculum internship).

A training and vocational guidance internship may not last longer than 6 months, and must be activated within 12 months of graduation (first- or second-cycle degree, specialization school, PhD, university Master level 1 or 2).

For training and vocational guidance internships in Emilia Romagna the minimum monthly pay is €450,00. For those arranged in other Regions the regulations will need to be checked.

Applications for this kind of internship may be presented up to 12 months from the date of graduation, at any point of the year, via the internship software; more than one training internship may be activated in sequence.

The content and form of participation are arranged by the university teacher (called the tutor), the head of the host-organization (or proxy), who is called the contact person, and the student-trainee.

For each trainee a training and vocational guidance project must be prepared in hard copy, stating:

  • the name of the student trainee;
  • the names of the tutor and the contact person;
  • the aims and plan of the internship, indicating attendance times at the company site;
  • the company units (factory, headquarters, division, offices) where the internship is to take place;
  • details of INAIL (industrial accident) and third-party insurance.

To keep the training standard as professional as possible, the University allows training and vocational guidance internships to be done in-house.

Such internships may qualify for a study grant/refund of expenses/luncheon vouchers paid for by the host-organization.