Ravenna Campus

Incoming Students - Ravenna

Useful information for foreign students coming to Ravenna on an exchange programme.

Before leaving

How to participate

To be taken on as an exchange student, you need to make sure your university participates in European or international programmes like LLP-Erasmus, or there is some agreement between your university and Bologna to promote student mobility. Your own university International Relations Office will confirm this for you. If no such agreement or project exists, you can not enjoy exchange-student status, though you may find other opportunities for international students.

First and foremost... registration online

To be able to study at the Ravenna Campus on a mobility programme, a student must:

  • make sure his/her university has e-mailed his/her name through to our office; once the request has been accepted, the University will e-mail confirmation back to the student
  • only at that point may the student proceed to registration online, which must be completed before he/she arrives in Italy.

Health information

EU and non-EU students may obtain healthcare, but by different channels and different payment systems. To use our service you need to possess the TEAM European health card (EU citizens) or have a health insurance (non-EU students).

On arriving at Ravenna

How to find your way round the Bologna University Ravenna Campus: 

First you should report to the International Relations Office at n. 27, via Baccarini, Ravenna to say you have arrived, register and collect your university booklet.

You will receive papers to prove you have registered at Bologna University, making you to all intents and purposes an exchange student on our Campus.

The second thing to do is to contact your tutor, who is the teacher responsible for your exchange. You may apply to your tutor for help in planning your curriculum here and choosing your courses, as well as advice about learning options, details of teaching organization, exams and, if need be, how to change your Learning Agreement.

Once you have chosen the course units and seminars to attend, you have to make out a study plan. This is the first operation to perform if you want the credits you gain and the exams you pass at Bologna University to be properly recorded and certified.

In attending lessons you will gradually fit in to university life. You will get to know and use the university resources such as libraries, the Bologna University Sports Centre (CUSB) and the student associations.

If you are planning to do an internship on an agreement with Ravenna Campus, go to the Internship and Placements page to find out the rules and obtain the right certificates.