Ravenna Campus

Towards greater internationalization

As part of promotion and consolidation of the local university set-up, the Ravenna Campus and the Flaminia Foundation are jointly financing schemes that support internationalization of teaching, research and services. The priority is to build up the scientific and other facilities of the Campus so as to enhance the attractions of Ravenna programmes for students, teachers and researchers from Italy and abroad.
Published International Desk
The centralized Foreign Students Desk provides a welcome, information and guidance for international students opting to study at the Ravenna Campus.
Published Incoming Students
All the opportunities of studying abroad or, if you are an international student, spending part of your learning programme at the University of Bologna.
Published Outgoing Students
Full details of the Erasmus Plus Programme with European universities, open to students on Ravenna degree programmes. By this programme you may study for 3-12 months at a European university on the scheme.