Ravenna Campus

Internship forms

The Internship Committee at the School of Arts and the Cultural Heritage on the Ravenna Campus is composed of Professors Nicoletta Guidobaldi, Chiara Pizzirani, Gian Luca Tusini and Giorgio Vespignani; the internship committee for International Cooperation, Protection of human rights and the ethno-cultural heritage (School of Political Science) is composed of Professors Giorgio Vespignani and Paolo Zagaglia; it meets approximately every 2 months.

Those approaching graduation are urged to hand in their documents for credit validation in good time, considering the deadline for the degree application.

Applications to do a curriculum internship must be made on line.

In the attachments section you will find the following forms:

- Provisional application to a curriculum internship pending finalization of the internship agreement;

- Request for validation of archaeological excavation/laboratory activities as suitable;

- Request for convertibility of archaeological excavation/laboratory activities;

- Request for convertibility of extra-university work as equivalent to an internship.