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Guidelines and FAQ

Check the following FAQ and the reference materials in the side box to clarify your doubts.

Before pre-enrolment on Universitaly

Who is required to go through a pre-enrolment procedure?

All non-EU students with residency abroad should pre-enrol via the UniversItaly portal in order to obtain a study visa and be allowed to matriculate at the degree programme to which they have applied. European Union citizens and residence permit holders from a European Union country are not required to do the pre-enrolment.

I need to be guided through the pre-enrolment procedures; can I get your support?

Certainly, info point sessions are usually planned to guide you through the pre-enrolment procedures on UniversItaly; make sure to check Ravenna Campus International Events website to join welcome and guidance events.


Pre-enrolment application on Universitaly

I have registered on the UniversItaly portal, but I cannot find where to fill in the pre-enrolment application form. 

After registering on the UniversItaly portal, you have to log in with your credentials to the portal. On the home page, you will see the correct link to access the pre-enrolment form (International Students > Pre-enrol Now).

I have already started the pre-enrolment process on UniversItaly. In the application, in step C, I need to upload qualifications that allow access to the course. Which documents should I upload, and do I need to provide the Declaration of Value and all the translations and legalisations?

Please, upload all the documents you submitted in your online Application for the selected Degree (i.e., school/academic qualifications, diploma, English proficiency certificate, etc.). The Declaration of Value should be processed at the Embassy when applying for the visa and will be asked by the University of Bologna to confirm your matriculation; you do not need to upload it now. Legalizations and translations of the original documents are not required for pre-enrolment as long as all the documents are in English.  After the online application on UniversItaly is completed, you should contact the Embassy to set an appointment. For more information on DOV, translations and legalizations, visit the page "Translation, authenticity and value of foreign qualifications".

Do I need to submit the declaration of the economic situation on the UniversItaly pre-enrolment application page? 

No, you are not requested to submit any documents regarding your economic situation on UniversItaly. However, to get your VISA for study/enrolment, you will need to provide the Italian Consulate/Embassy with relevant documents assessing your economic situation. Please, contact the Embassy for further details.

What should I do if I need to modify or re-upload my documents?

Some application details may be modified, some others may not. Please, contact the International Desk office in Bologna at internationaldesk@unibo.it  (putting your degree programme e-mail address in CC).

Is it possible to pre-enrol for two courses?

During the pre-enrolment procedure, you will be asked to select the university and the degree programme you wish to matriculate at. In case you would like to change the pre-enrolment degree programme or the university, and your pre-enrolment application has already been validated, please, check the page "Pre-enrolment change and reallocation".

After submitting the pre-enrolment application

I have submitted the pre-enrolment application but still haven’t received any communications from the University and, therefore, can’t start the visa application process. What should I do?

Please wait for your application to be verified and validated; it may take a few weeks due to a heavy workload. You will be notified about the validation via e-mail. After that, you can contact your embassy to verify further steps to obtain a visa.

I have received an e-mail that my pre-enrolment procedure is completed; however, I still haven’t received any communication from the Embassy/Consulate. What do I do?

After your application on UniversItaly is validated, if you haven’t received any information from your Embassy/Consulate, contact them directly to make an appointment in the shortest time possible.

How do I obtain my Declaration of Value from the Embassy after having completed the pre-enrolment procedure?

After you submitted the pre-enrolment application, your information is sent to the corresponding university. After their verification and approval, the relevant Italian Embassy will contact the student setting the date for the delivery of the translated and legalised documents. After having received those documents from you, the Embassy will prepare a Declaration of Value document (DOV) for you.
After this/meanwhile, you can start your visa application. Please, note that the deadline to obtain your visa is 30th November 2023.

Visa application

What are the required documents for the visa application?

Required documents may change depending on your country of origin and the decision of a particular Embassy. Please, contact your Embassy to get a precise list of the documents needed to apply for a visa as soon as possible.

The Italian Embassy/Consulate is asking to prove a place of lodging to issue a visa. How can I find accommodation before coming to Ravenna?

In some countries, the Italian Embassy/Consulate may ask for an accommodation declaration as a required document for visa application. Normally, a basic two-week booking in a hotel/hostel should be enough as proof of accommodation.  Sometimes, the Italian Embassy/Consulate may ask for a housing contract instead. Please, contact your Embassy/Consulate in advance to clarify this issue.


Matriculation and tuition fees

How can I get the information about the maximum amount of the tuition fees? Is it possible to get an exemption?

To find the information about the maximum tuition fees for each programme, visit the page about "Tuition fees" and download the PDF attachment on the right. In order to get a tuition fee waiver/reduction, you need to submit the documentation confirming your economic situation and assets to ER.GO on a call basis and wait for the results. Pay attention that in case after the verification your application is not successful, you will have to pay the tuition fees in full.
The first instalment of €157,04 required to confirm your enrolment is obligatory for everyone, and no financial aid will be provided to pay for it.