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Graduation and the final examination

To graduate from a First Cycle, Second Cycle, Specialistica or Single Cycle Degree Programme, students must pass a final examination to verify that they have achieved the learning outcomes of their study programme.

General information


To graduate from a First Cycle, Second Cycle, Specialistica or Single Cycle Degree Programme, the student must produce an original dissertation under the guidance of a supervising professor. The dissertation must be defended publicly in front of the Examination Board. 

To graduate from a three-year first cycle degree programme the final examination may be oral, written or practical.

Graduation applications

The graduation sessions are distributed during each of the three academic-year periods. The final examination dates, correspondent registration deadlines and requirements are defined by the School.

Check the details on deadlines and graduation fees

To be admitted to the final examination, a student must have passed the exams or, in any case, have obtained all the educational credits stipulated in the teaching regulations for activities other than the final examination, and must be up-to-date with payment of university fees.

N.B. Anyone taking the final examination within March 2019 is exempt from paying the fee to enrol for the academic year 2018-2019.

Students must present the graduation application via the new online procedure.

In general the position with applications is that:

  1. Each School defines the final examination sessions, distributed during each academic-year period, and particular requirements for the subscription to each session. To present the online graduation application, students need to go to Studenti Online, following the instructions reported in the website of their School. Indeed, each School defines the requirements and the deadlines to the online application. The system automatically generates the graduation fee payment order (bollettino di pagamento) for €32,00, inclusive of the two duty stamps. Payment can be made on-line, or at any branch of Unicredit, on presentation of the payment code printed out.
  2. Applications presented late incur a penalty of an extra €100,00. After the ultimate term one can no longer present the online graduation application.
  3. An online application is only valid for one session. If students want to renew the application for later sessions, they have to pay the amount of the duty stamp (€ 16,00).
  4. By the ultimate date set by their School, students must:
  • Check that their supervisor/degree programme director has approved their dissertation or the title of the dissertation stated in the online application (if not, they must contact their professor);
  • Conclude their curriculum – by passing all the exams listed in their study plan – and be up-to-date with the payment of university fees;
  • Fill in the online Almalaurea questionnaire or go to their student administration office to get themselves removed from the database;



Students enrolled on first-cycle or second-cycle/specialistica degree programmes, Diploma courses or at Schools for special purposes, who presume they will graduate within the third period of an A.Y. (which, for academic year 2017/2018, means within the month of march 2019) don’t have to pay the first instalment of the annual fee for the following academic year (2018/2019). If they pay the instalment anyway and then graduate during one of the sessions for A.Y. 2017/2018. To have the regional tax refunded students will have to apply directly to the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education (ER.GO). At the same time, the enrolment for the new academic year will be canceled.

Final examination

The final examination is designed to test whether the learning outcomes required by the degree programme have been achieved.

The Degree Board assesses the candidate as a whole, taking into account not just the final examination performance, but other factors such as the study curriculum completed, the time taken to get through university, the possible fact of transferring from another university of degree programme, etc.; specific rules independently set by each School will be applied in this evaluation.

The Board will also have received from the Student Administration Office a document called the graduation ranking (statino di laurea) which shows the starting average.

The Board assigns a grade out of 110.

To pass the examination one needs a minimum of 66/110. If a top grade is given, the Board may, if unanimous, add ‘cum laude’.

The Degree Diploma

The University has introduced a home delivery service for degree diplomas, applying to graduates as of the third period of the academic year 2011-2012 (March 2013). Graduates will receive their diploma at the home address given for communication purposes on Studenti online. Students are urged to check the address they gave in their graduation application, and if necessary alter it.

The cost of delivery will be borne by the University. Delivery will take place within four months of the graduation session and be heralded by an e-mail to the student’s institutional address. That being said, even within a few days of the final examination one may receive one’s degree diploma.