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Curricular Internship for Dissertations

The curriculum internship for dissertations is intended for those graduating as a way of preparing the final examination/degree dissertation or in connection with a training project serving to enhance the education process.

This particular internship does not necessarily carry university educational credits; it is nonetheless a curriculum internship and must be completed within the study programme. It is up to the supervisor whether it shall be mentioned at the final discussion.

Applications for this internship may be presented at any point of the year, via the internship application.

Dissertation-oriented internships must always be backed by a training project (as ruled by the academic Senate on 25/10/2011) containing an outline of the programme the student intends to follow, the period (start date and end date for insurance cover purposes), the host or a short-list of host-organizations.

The duration is not to exceed 12 months for a first-cycle student and for a second-cycle programme, and the work must be concluded before the degree discussion.

The trainee will be monitored by the academic tutor who is the dissertation supervisor. There is also a contact person from the organization hosting the student on its own premises. If the host is inside the University, the academic tutor will likewise be the dissertation supervisor, but the contact person will be the head of the unit in question.

The trainee must record day-by-day work in the record-book issued by the Office before the start. The record-book is proof, if required by an inspection, that the student is doing an internship and is not irregularly employed. The internship may not commence until the student has collected the attendance book.

During the internship the student must:

  • follow instructions from the academic tutor and the company contact person, and report to them in case of need;
  • attend work regularly, sticking to the timetable  agreed;
  • give the host-organization warning of absence and  make up the hours lost;
  • if the absence becomes prolonged or the internship comes to a halt, inform the internship office, the academic  tutor and the host-organization contact person;
  • comply with the host’s rules and the hygiene and   safety regulations;
  • maintain discretion about the manufacturing  processes, products and services and other host-organization business      he/she gets to know about, and remain discreet after the internship ends;
  • when handing the graduation documents in to the Student Administration Office, he/she must state that the internship has been concluded, and must there and then hand over the  record-book to the degree programme Internship Office.

Each Degree Programme has a teaching office/internship office that looks after the paperwork of its curriculum internships.