Ravenna Campus

Educational and Research Labs - Ravenna

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  • At the Department of Cultural Heritage, via degli Ariani 1.
    - aDNA Lab
    - Hebrew epigraphy and codicology
    - FrameLAB. Multimedia & Digital Storytelling
    - Laboratory of Byzantinistics "MESE"
    - Diagnostic Laboratory
    - Music Laboratory
    - PAST (Public Archeology and Social Transmission)


  • At the venue of the Organizational Unit of the Department of History Cultures Civilization, via S. Vitale 30.
    - Laboratory for the study of archaeological materials

  • At the venue of the Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage course, Palazzo Santacroce, via Guaccimanni 42.
    - Microchemistry and Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL)
    - Chemistry Laboratory
    - X-Rays and Computer Tomography Laboratory
    - Computer Science Laboratory
    - Field Archeology


  • At the venue of the Environmental Sciences courses, via Sant 'Alberto 163.
    - Analytical chemistry laboratory
    - Molecular biology laboratory
    - Experimental naturalistic biology laboratory
    - Digital microscopy laboratory

    The "Renzo Sartori" Laboratories, via Sant 'Alberto 163.
    - Algal Biology Lab (ALGOLAB)
    - Analytical Pyrolysis Lab
    - Animal and Environmental Physiology Lab
    - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Quality Lab
    - Environmental Management Research Group (EMRG)
    - Ecology, Conservation, Recovery of Coastal and See Environment (MARECOL)
    - Green Chemistry Laboratory for Environmental Sciences
    - Integrated Geoscience Research Group (IGRG)
    - Laboratory for Climate and Marine Ecosystem Numerical Modeling (SINCEM)


  • At the venue of the Medicine and Surgery courses, S. Maria delle Croci Hospital, viale V. Randi 5:
    - Lab 1 (Chemical-biological laboratory). Contacts: tel. 0544-936503
    - Lab 2 (Bed laboratory). Contacts: tel. 0544-936502
    - Lab 3 (Anatomy Laboratory). Contacts: tel. 0544-936502
    - Lab 4 (Microscopy Laboratory). Contacts: tel. 0544-936502