Ravenna Campus


In the Campus of Ravenna (home teaching Faenza) are the degree courses in Nursing and Speech Therapy.

BSc in Nursing

President/ Course Coordinator:

Prof. Domenico Motola E-mail: domenico.motola@unibo.it

Course website

Course representative:

Teaching activities supervisor  - Ravenna Campus, Faenza Teaching Branch: Dott.ssa Carla Cortini

E-mail: carla.cortini2@auslromagna.it

The Course has 3 main branches: Faenza, Forlì, Cotignola.

  • Teaching activities supervisor  - Ravenna Campus, Faenza      Teaching Branch: Dott.ssa Carla Cortini Telephone number: 0546 692934;
  • Teaching activities supervisor  - Ravenna Campus, Forlì      Educational Section: Dr.ssa Milena Spadola; E-mail: milena.spadola@auslromagna.it Telephone number: 0543 731844;
  • Teaching activities supervisor - Ravenna Campus, Cotignola Educational      Section: Dr.ssa Antonella Sermenghi E-mail: asermenghi@gvmnet.it Telephone number: 0545 217595.


Administrative office:

Administrative office manager – Faenza Teaching Branch: Mrs. Claudia Poggiolini E-mail: claudia.poggiolini@auslromagna.it Telephone number: 0546 692922

BSc in Speech Therapy

President/ Course Coordinator:

Prof.  Antonia Parmeggiani E-mail: antonia.parmeggiani@unibo.it

Course website

Course representative:

Dr.  Valentina Genovese (Technical and Practical Internship Coordinator)

E-mail: valentina.genovese2@auslromagna.it  Telephone number: 0546 692932