Forlì Campus


The Library staff are on hand to provide users with information and listen to suggestions and comments on the services.


President of the Scientific Board
Prof. Raffaella Baccolini Tel. 0543-374016;

Library Manager
Angela Maria Politi Tel. 0543-374006;


Angela Bagnoli
Tel. 0543-374005; e-mail:

Sante Boldrini
Tel. 0543-374012; e-mail:

Carolina Cavallini
Tel.0543-374014; email:

Giuseppe Comerci
Tel. 0543-374004; e-mail:

Rita Lombardi 
Tel. 0543-374010; e-mail:

Sabrina Mambelli 
Tel. 0543-374015; e-mail:

Simona Matteucci 
Tel. 0543-374008; e-mail:

Marco Mazzani 
Tel. 0543-374018 or 374009; e-mail:

Maria Letizia Montanari 
Tel. 0543-374007; e-mail:

Rita Patregnani 
Tel. 0543-374003; e-mail:

Antonella Ragazzini 
Tel. 0543-374013; e-mail:

Paola Succi
Tel. 0543-374011; e-mail:

Mirella Szpila 
Tel. 0543-374017/374141; e-mail:

Gloria Zauli 
Tel. 0543-374019; e-mail: