Cesena Campus

Areas and access

Description of the Computer Science Section and terms and conditions of access

The Computer Science Section of the Cesena Campus Library is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Mazzini Marinelli, the location of the Engineering and Computer Science Degree Programme.

It can be accessed respectively from Via Sacchi, 3 and from Via Chiaramonti, 38.

The library has three rooms: the first room contains the books on Computer Science and Engineering, which are arranged on open bookcases in line with the Dewey Decimal Classification system.This room also has three computers on which users can carry out bibliographic searches. The library staff in this room provides information and distributes books and documents on loan.

 The other two rooms contain books on Economics and Law belonging to the “G. Ghirotti Library”, of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Cesena, which has had a partnership agreement with the Cesena Campus since 2011. 

Library users can read and study in the rooms, all of which are equipped with an ALMAWIFI connection.

The library also has a small catering area beside the rooms.