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What to do BEFORE COMING BACK to your home country

The following are the 3 STEPS to be done BEFORE leaving the Host University and go back Home.


STEP 1 - COLLECT THE AMIDILA DOCUMENTS: go to the AMIDILA contact person office a few days before leaving in order to:

  • to sign the AMIDILA departure certificate.
  • to receive the AMIDILA Certificate of participation.
  • Undergraduate and Master Exchange: to receive your Transcript of Records and/or the AMIDILA Confirmation of Achievements if you have carried out research activities for your thesis.
  • Sandwich/Exchange PhD, Post doc and Staff: to receive your AMIDILA Confirmation of Achievements duly filled in and signed by your Host University.
  • Undergraduate, Master and PhD Full Degree: to receive your Degree Diploma and/or Diploma Supplement.
  • to receive any other Certificate or Diploma proving the activities carried out during the mobility.


STEP 2 - CLOSE WHAT SHOULD BE CLOSED IN PRESENCE: complete all the procedures that needs your presence in the Host Country such as:

  • close your Bank account
  • close your Rent contract
  • be sure your travelling documents are still valid (e.g. residence permit, VISA)


STEP 3 - FINAL REPORT PACKAGE: be sure to have all the information, data and documents to be obtained in the Host Country to complete your Final Report Package. Please read the full instructions on the Final Report Package in the next section Once come back home