The University Reform (Italian Law no. 240/2010)

The University of Bologna runs 33 Departments and 11 Schools, applying Italian Law no. 240/2010 concerning the reorganisation of universities.

From A.Y. 2012/13 the degree programmes, previously managed by the Faculties, run at the proposal of the Departments, and managed with the coordination of the Schools.

The organisational variations deriving from the reorganisation process do not involve any changes for students. The services delivered, teaching locations (classrooms, laboratories, etc.) and student services are unvaried.

Any changes in the degree programmes, learning path contents and career opportunities for students relate to modifications which may occur annually in line with national legislation concerning degree programmes.

For more information you may:
• consult the FAQ;
• contact the Degree Programme Offices or Student Administration Offices relative to your degree programme (for services and information concerning teaching and your student career);
• contact the Public Relations Office - URP di Bologna, URP di Cesena, URP di Forlì, URP di Ravenna, URP di Rimini (for general information);
• contact the international students services (if you are an international student).