5x1000 Donation Campaign: a letter from the Rector to supporters of the University of Bologna

Dear Supporters,

The University of Bologna wants to look beyond our time, when it seems difficult to help the young generations make their merits stand out and turn their study and work projects into reality. To do this, the University of Bologna strives every day to create the best environment to support and cultivate the curiosity for knowledge, which is the best quality in young students. It encourages an extended knowledge open to the world and inclusive of different forms of knowledge able to create relations, dialogue and exchanges with teachers: this is what our University is about.

This is what we mean by rewarding merit: creating a connection between the history of our University, which now is almost a thousand years old, and the histories of all those students who choose to come to Bologna from all across Italy, because they see a future in our University.

A better future, in which merit, skill and commitment will give tangible results not just on a personal level, but also in relation to the roles and work they will contribute to create.

This is why I invite you to support our University by donating your 5x1000. Simply enter “Finanziamento agli enti di ricerca scientifica e all’Università” and the AlmaMater Studiorum Tax Number (80007010376) in the relevant fields of your income tax declaration. With this small gesture, you will do something great for the University, at no additional cost for you.

The choice to donate the 5x1000 in your income tax declaration to the University of Bologna won’t cost you anything and won’t affect your 8x1000 donation.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Francesco Ubertini
Rector of the University of Bologna