Where to ask for information

Guidance Service

  • for support, information and advice on choosing between different programmes and different schools.

Student Administration Offices

  • to submit your graduation application;
  • to obtain a certificate that is not available on Studenti Online (e.g.: diploma supplement);
  • to submit a graduation application;
  • to submit an application for loss of student status, withdrawal, interruption, suspension or return to your university career;
  • to submit an application for a transfer to or from the university or to another programme;
  • to report mistakes in your university career as shown on Studenti Online;
  • to check your fee status and your university career.

Degree Programme Offices

  • for information on the date, place and contents of lessons;
  • to check the status, request information and report mistakes concerning your study plan;
  • for support, information and advice on a specific Degree Programme or the programmes of a specific School;
  • to request an unofficial assessment of your previous career, for the purposes or credit recognition.

Studenti Online Help Desk