About the website

How the University of Bologna Portal is managed and organised, and by whom.

The University of Bologna Portal was developed on the Open Source Plone platform. The website meets the statutory requirements for Accessibility and was developed using the Responsive Web Design technique, to allow consultation also from mobile devices.

Information Publication Manager

Marco Degli Esposti 

Management and updating of contents

The Italian and English versions of the Portal are updated by a central web team under the Contracts and General Administration Division (AAGG) – University Portal Unit. The web team coordinates the information with the all the other university structures. 
Some sections of the Portal are updated directly by the individual structures.

Editorial coordination and design

AAGG – Settore Portale d’Ateneo

Technological development and management

Cesia - Settore tecnologie web


The University Images database is managed by AAGG - Communication Unit - Promotion and Communication Services

Contact the web editorial staff

To report any imprecisions or obsolete information in the services, send an e-mail to webdesk@unibo.it.