Soft skills

Acquiring soft skills provides students with the basic knowledge, abilities and qualities required to translate competences into suitable behaviour for organizational purposes.

What are soft skills

Soft skills do not depend on specific acquired knowledge, but are essential skills in the working world, without which organizations would struggle to reach their objectives. Soft skills pertain to cognitive, creative, managerial, relational and communication areas. 
Nowadays, experts in the research and selection of human resources give great importance to soft skills.
To facilitate its students’ integration in the world of work, the University of Bologna offers a number of courses: Entrepreneurship, Information Literacy, Approaching the World of Work, Tax and Job Consultancy, Creativity and Innovation, Employability, Computational Thinking, Project Management, Italian Language Labs and language courses including Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and German. 

Who can enrol

All students regularly enrolled in the 2017/18 academic year can access the project.
Students may include all learning activities in their curriculum, within the credits of their choice, (letter D), directly by filling in the study plan online.

Soft skills 2017/18

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