Professional Master programme in Economics of Cooperation - MUEC 8287

Code 8287
Academic Year 2015-2016
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Prof. Antonio Matacena
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language Italian
Cost 3.000 €
Instalments First Instalment € 1.500,00 - Second Instalment € 1.500,00
Call deadline

Dec 09, 2015 (Expired)

Main Department
Department of Management; Department of Economic Sciences
Economics, Management and Statistics
Number of participants
Min: 18 Max: 30
Admission qualifications
a) All second and single cycle degrees pursuant to D.M. 270/04; or second or single cycle degree in an equivalent subject area, including those obtained under previous degree systems (D.M. 509/99 and Previous Degree System);
b) all three-year degrees pursuant to DM 270/04 or other three-year degrees in equivalent subjects, including those obtained under previous degree systems (DM 509/99 and the older degree systems "Vecchio Ordinamento")
Selection criteria
Oral exam and assessment of qualifications
Selection date
Dec 12, 2015
Place of teaching
School of Economics Management and Statistics in Bologna
Study plan
  • Financial Statements      and their interpretation - SSD: SECS P/07 - Professor: Marco TIEGHI
  • Planning and control      systems - SSD: SECS P/07 - Professor: Maurizio MARANO
  • Mission, Governance,      Accountability of cooperative organisations - SSD: SECS P/07 - Professor:      Antonio MATACENA
  • Corporate      Responsibility and Accounting of Cooperatives - SSD: SECS P/07 -      Professor: Mario VIVIANI
  • Strategy and      management of cooperatives.  Elements of innovative management for      cooperatives and representation associations - SSD: SECS P/07 - Professor:      Claudio TRAVAGLINI
  • Economics of      cooperative organisations - SSD: SECS P/01 - Professor: Flavio DELBONO
  • Economic History of      Cooperation and the Cooperative Movement -SSD: SECS P/12 - Professor:      Patrizia BATTILANI
  • Company Law and      Cooperative Law - SSD: IUS/04 - Professor: Guido BONFANTE
  • Cooperative      Governance: legal models and company deeds - SSD: IUS/04 - Professor:      Roberto GENCO
  • Sociology of      cooperative organisations - SSD: SPS/07 - Professor: Everardo MINARDI
Compulsory attendance
Final Examination