FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions on how to obtain the reimbursement of fees

I have received the payment slip for the 1st instalment and executed the payment. However I intend to graduate in March. What must I do to obtain a reimbursement?

After graduation the student administration office shall take the appropriate steps for reimbursement, with the exclusion of amounts for stamp duty and regional tax (requests for regional tax reimbursement must be addressed to the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies ER.GO, whereas stamp duty is non-refundable).

In which cases may I obtain the reimbursement of fees?

In general all undue payments are reimbursable. Possible cases include:

  • duplicate payments (for example, you have paid graduation exam fees twice);
  • undue fines (fees were paid on time);
  • payments made after withdrawal from studies or loss of student status (payments prior to such events are non reimbursable);
  • the payment of enrolment instalments of the academic year following student's graduation (in this case the student administration office shall take appropriate steps for reimbursement).

If you are not sure whether you have paid a fee or undue allowances, please contact your student administration office.

I have submitted a request for reimbursement and I don't understand why the student administration office has asked for my IBAN.

If amounts due for reimbursement exceed 1000 € the student administration office is required to ask for your IBAN as reimbursement may only be executed with a bank transfer to you current account.

How is the reimbursement executed?

At the end of the procedure the university will send you an email on your institutional email account informing you that the reimbursement has been credited. If you have communicated the IBAN (mandatory for amounts over € 1000.00) the amount will be credited to your current account. If you have not communicated the IBAN you will have to go to the bank with ID and tax code for cash withdrawal of the sum. This email also contains instructions on how to submit a request to ER.GO for the reimbursement of regional taxes for the Right to Higher Education.