Recognition of academic qualifications and shortened programmes

All information on the methods and deadline for the recognition of foreign academic qualifications and shortened programmes.

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Students with European Union citizenship, students with non-EU equivalent to EU citizenship, Italian students with foreign qualifications, students with non-EU citizenship who are resident abroad. Find out which international student category you belong to

Recognition of foreign academic qualifications

The application for recognition must be presented to apply for the recognition of an academic qualification obtained abroad with a similar university qualification issued by the University of Bologna.

Pursuant to Italian Law no. 148 of 11 July 2002, which approves and implements the Lisbon Convention of 11 April 1997, universities are responsible for recognising courses and study periods spent abroad and foreign qualifications, for the purposes of access to higher education, continuing university studies and the award of Italian university qualifications. Universities exercise such competencies autonomously and in compliance with the respective degree programme systems, without prejudice to any bilateral agreements in force.

Applications for the recognition of foreign academic qualifications, for purposes other than those listed above (for example, for participation in public competitions or access to regulated professions), must instead be made to other state administrations.

For more information on the recognition procedure please consult the Cimea website, the national centre for information on the recognition of foreign academic qualifications.

What to do and documents to be presented

Shortening the study programme

The application for shortening the degree programme may be presented in the event of a foreign academic qualification not being fully recognised by the Italian university or if the student has attended a study programme abroad without having obtained the relative academic qualification.

The application is assessed by the competent Degree Programme Board. The Degree Programme Board decides on the possibility of enrolling in a programme year other than the first year according to the number of credits recognised.

What to do and documents to be presented