Exemptions and incentives

Every year, the University of Bologna offers to all its students scholarships, fellowships, and a wide range of aids and benefits.
Published Merit-based incentives
The University of Bologna offers incentives to enhance the performance of deserving students.
Published Exemptions and fee reductions
Benefits for students of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna meeting the merit, income and registration requirements.
Published Incentives for students enrolling in specific Degree Programmes
Information on the Degree Programmes for which incentives are awarded for student enrolment, on the necessary access requirements and the timing of application.
Published Exemptions for handicapped students
Students in this condition are exempt from the payment of university fees.
Published Exemption from university fees: final list for AY 2013/2014 of entitled and excluded students
Consult the annexes concerning the outcome of any claims and amendments made to the lists after further checks on income and merit.
Published Full or partial exemptions from university fees for students enrolling in International Degree Programmes, Unibo Action 1 - A.Y. 2014/15
If you are an international student, discover how to obtain full or partial exemptions from tuition fees.