Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms are public-private partnerships involving industries, research institutions, financial institutions, regulatory authorities and civil society within a common vision and approach within a given sector or area.

Founded in 2001 at the initiative of the European Commission to promote and integrate an approach to research based on public-private partnership, they are marked by a leading role played by industry and focus their activities on the production of programming documents which propose priority issues of strategic interest for the Seventh Framework Programme to the European Commission.

For this purpose, the Technology Platforms:

  • define the roadmaps for research activities in the areas of interest, aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry;
  • mobilise a critical mass of European public and private resources towards research priorities;
  • foster cooperation between all stakeholders of private and public research and innovation on all levels: European, national and regional.


National Technology Platforms:

Nationally, European platforms have stimulated the birth of similar initiatives. The University of Bologna has been involved in the creation and activities of many national platforms: