IT-SusChem national consultation

The purpose of the national consultation is to ensure the broadest possible participation in the drafting of the document on Italian priorities in three sectors: Industrial Biotechnology, Materials Technology and Reaction & Process Design.

After the publication in April 2007 of the first Italian Vision Document, it is now possible to send integrations for the second edition.

All sector stakeholders are invited to participate: Industry, inter-university consortia, private and public research centres, trade associations, universities).

The purpose is to draft an Italian Vision Document which includes the contributions of all the realities working in the Chemical, Industrial Chemical and Industrial Biotechnologies sectors, aiming to increase the sustainability of conventional processes.

The final document, the result of the widespread consultation process, was published in April 2007 and circulated among Italian Ministries and within the European Union, to create synergies between the Italian R&D priorities and the European research policies.

The first draft of the three sections of the IT-SusChem Vision Document and the relative Feedback Form for the second edition have been published in the Annexes section.

The Platform acts as an open forum to gather the scientific contributions for the Vision Document.