IT SusChem Association

The IT - SusChem Association for the development of activities on the Italian Technology Platform IT - SusChem was established at the initiative of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Piedmont Centre for Sustainable Chemistry - Province of Novara, SCI – Italian Chemistry Society, CNR – DPM (Department of Molecular Design of the National Research Council); RTC Consortium (Cosmetological Research and Technologies).

The Association pursues exclusively cultural and scientific goals concerning the promotion, organisation, dissemination and development of the activities of the Italian Technology Platform  IT- SusChem  (founded nationally as the satellite platform of the Sustainable Chemistry European Technology Platform - SusChem ETP) and represents the specific national interests of the technology platform, monitoring the public and private competences in the sector nationally and promoting public-private partnerships to encourage participation in projects.

How to join
The Association is open to membership for public and private bodies, with or without legal personality, with similar purposes or in any case pertinent to the goals of the Association, and to physical persons whose activities, studies and research correspond to the purposes of the Association, who apply to join and pay the annual membership fee.
For more information:

Statute available shortly